CCS/Daddies Product Review

Super stoked seeing our product review for the SMS 39STH. The crew at CCS/Daddies knows whats up when it comes to standing sideways. Here's what they had to say after riding the SMS 39STH Monkey...


New to the world: The Soul Monkey SMS 39STH High Performance Snowskate. Designed and tested by shop homies Chris Karol and Jimmy Sechrest , this Soul Monkey is an unprecedented mountain-friendly snowskate that's changing the game. Traditional snowskates tend to squirrel out and are hard to control. You see a lot of riders hitting rails and riding more urban settings on a traditional snowskate. What makes the Soul Monkey different is the ability to carve, hold an edge, and ride almost anywhere on the mountain.

Daddies SMS Display.jpg
Chris KarolComment