SMS Features & Innovations


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We wanted a board that didn’t exist. It had to slide on snow, turn like a skateboard and feel stable underfoot. Most of all it had to be light, strong and super responsive in all kinds of snow.

Our first challenge was balancing the contours to optimize glide and control. Flat boards slide best and can be ridden in powder without bindings, but when it comes to riding hardpack and variable snow conditions, a flat-board with no bindings just doesn’t cut it.

Base contours provide grip and control for bindingless riding but can slow the board down if too aggressive or misplaced. We spent 4-years developing the channels and base contours on the 39STH. The result is a perfect blend of compound curves that work together when in motion to create lift in deep snow and make it easy to maintain directional control on hardpack.

The SMS 39STH turns just the way you want it to, responding to similar pressure inputs as a skateboard or snowboard. The Skate Control Beam, concave deck and perfectly contoured kick combine the feelings of skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing all in one.

Whether it’s skating transitions or surfing pow, the SMS 39STH has a truly connected feel to the snow. Perfect for quick shreds in the backyard and easy to pack, Soul Monkey Surfs 39STH Snowskate is the most versatile snowskate ever!

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SMS 39STH Features

Spoon-Nose Kicktail - Combines Kicktail Control with Powder Floatation

Monkey-Ears Tip-Profile -For crud-busting, Tail-stomping & Surfing

Flared Rails - Compound leverage factor increases edge pressure

Skate Control Beam - Responds Likes Skateboard Trucks

Matched Sidecuts - Center-to-Rail for flow of snow

Twin-Tip Shape Left, right, sideways or switch

Twin-Channel Hull for stability and control

EVA Foam Grip Water Repellent Grip

Leash Attachment Dual-Rivet Cord